As A Palmetto Bay Chiropractor we Provide a Holistic Alternative to Wellness

Every year millions of Americans turn to chiropractic care for a safe, holistic and effective approach to alleviate back, neck and shoulder pain. Chiropractic care is also sought out to relieve fatigue, pain in the extremities, and general poor health. Marked long term benefits can be realized and as your Palmetto Bay Chiropractor we believe in dealing with the real problems rather than merely treating or hiding the symptoms.

We may suggest including some natural supplements but I do not prescribe drugs or perform surgery. We might be giving you some suggestions on dietary changes as well as some specific spine exercises to do. The exercises that I teach you will coincide with your therapy between appointments here at your chiropractic center. Our mission as your Palmetto Bay Chiropractor is to restore your body to its best level of health.

We Take a Proactive Approach as Your Palmetto Bay Chiropractor

A misconception by many people is that a chiropractic doctor is only for providing neck pain relief or back pain relief. The total body benefits from chiropractic therapy and back pain treatment. A hands-on approach is taken by me through adjustment of the imbalances in your skeletal system, especially your spine. Chiropractic care is a noninvasive discipline that keeps your body in balance and working to its full potential.

Misalignment in one or more of the spinal vertebrae causes nerve impulses to be disrupted, resulting in a number of symptoms. Pain or stinging sensations can occur as symptoms from misalignment of vertebrae. Included in the list are swelling in joints and sinus problems. A chiropractic center is where you might come to find shoulder pain relief and hip pain relief and will be surprised to discover that with chiropractic care you are pain free.

Through a series of adjustments we will adjust your spine and other areas of your skeletal system to its correct alignment. After manipulation of vertebrae to their correct position, restoration of the nervous system and total healing begins. Our goal as your Palmetto Bay Chiropractor is to return you to perfect health through manipulation of your spine. Our aim is to achieve this without the use of drugs or surgery.

We Offer Health Care for any Age as Your Chiropractor

We can treat patients of any age with my background and education. Spinal misalignment can occur at any time in life. This can even happen at birth because of pressure in the birth canal. As children learn to walk, falls are common. A young body is subjected to a lot of jolting experiences especially in their early development. When they are grown, problems can be found resulting from those experiences. Children at an early age can benefit from a visit to a family chiropractor.

Chiropractic care can improve your health as an adult or senior citizen. Retain your mobility as you mature by visiting your Palmetto Bay chiropractor. Degenerative diseases, back pain and the aches and pains from various conditions can be relieved through my care. Did you know that gravity alone can be a cause for spinal misalignment? Ailments such as hip pain, shoulder pain, and arm pain can show up as well as a host of other problems.

As your Palmetto Bay Chiropractor we will strive to attain our aim. Our goal is to enable you to reap the benefits of a healthy and active life. Surgeries and the use of prescription drugs have caused speculation. This Palmetto Bay Chiropractor can assist you in your search for a safe holistic way to heal your body and maintain your health.

Let us Help You Find Relief from Allergies and Sinus Conditions as Your Palmetto Bay Chiropractor

Prescriptions drugs and over the counter remedies are the first ideas to occur to people who live with allergies, infections, and headaches. This often results in minimal success at best. Anxiety and excessive thirst are a few side effects to be aware of before using these drugs. If this sounds like you, you may want to talk with this Palmetto Bay Chiropractor since we may be able to offer you another solution.

As a professional Palmetto Bay Chiropractor we can smooth the way for your recovery and healing. With chiropractic care, pain caused by spinal misalignment will be relieved, as will allergies and sinus congestion. Yes, chiropractic care can actually help in the relief of sinus and allergy related illnesses through spinal manipulation. For over a century people with these illnesses have been finding relief through chiropractic care.

Your allergy symptoms can be lessened through chiropractic adjustments and as your Palmetto Bay Chiropractor we can bring relief to you. Your immune system can recover and protect you more effectively with regular chiropractic care. Chiropractic care is often the treatment required to relieve the problems caused by sinus and allergy problems. Stop in at your family chiropractic office for a consultation if allergies are a concern to you.

We Advocate Disease Prevention as Your Palmetto Bay Chiropractor

It is our job as your Palmetto Bay Chiropractor to help you prevent health problems from occurring in your future. We will want to help you to identify areas in your life that might be creating excessive wear and tear on your body. If your job requires repetitive movements such as twisting your body we can help you to break this cycle with other movements to prevent injury. Activity in sports commonly results in injury. Leg pain relief and arm pain relief is often sought after by the avid golfer.

Lower back exercises will strengthen your back and we may advise you to do them. Diet, sleeping habits, exercise frequency and heredity are all factors affecting your health and while receiving treatment from us, your Palmetto Bay Chiropractor we will take all of this into consideration. There may be positive changes we can suggest that will be beneficial to your overall health. It is our pleasure as your Palmetto Bay pain relief specialist to take care of your needs.


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